About us

About us

In addition to standard offers, Estdoor also provides individual orders and projects.

Estdoor metal doors comply with safety requirements. Core values of our company consist in observant attitude and individual approach to each customer. Assistance, support, and professional servicing makes it easier to understand customer’s needs and wishes. This facilitates timely, quick and efficient development of our activities and allows to create and offer our customers new successful solutions.

Doors are manufactured by using cutting-edge technology and programmable benches with minimum share of manual work. This means both guaranteed high quality of every door, but also reduced final price. Such approach to production allows combining mass production and customised work.

Doors are made of sheet iron with thickness of 1.2 mm or 1.5 mm. Door frame and panels are made of whole metal sheets, bent into special profiles. When assembling the doors, the elements are joined by means of semiautomatic spot welding.

Special attention should be paid to the quality of exterior doors. If it is made of metal, it must have significant thickness. No one needs a door that could be opened with a can opener, and hence the thickness of steel must be at least 1.2mm. All doors are manufactured based on individual measurements.

Our production:

  • Roll-formed section profile metal doors;
  • Forster doors and partitions;
  • Metal ramps for disabled;
  • Double-sided metal gates;
  • Rolling gates;
  • Garage gates;
  • Lifting doors;
  • Fences, etc.

Our priorities:

  • Quality;
  • Competence;
  • Reliability;
  • Flexibility;
  • Customer- oriented services.

We are inviting to join the partnership and are looking forward to a pleasant and serious co-operation!

OÜ Estdoor

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